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The role of delegate sales has never been more demanding or more integral to an event's success. The sheer number of events available within each industry creates huge competition between sales teams, each trying to attract the same individuals to their own event. Creating an in-house sales and marketing approach is costly and time consuming. Recruiting sales and marketing teams and then training them to work together effectively can be difficult to manage, especially when considering a high staff turnover.

Finding innovative new ways to get ahead of the competition, whilst maintaining expected targets, building your brand, and delivering a great customer experience can be near-impossible.

This is how we can help you:

Delegate Telemarketing

We have over 10 years experience working in event delegate sales and marketing. This gives us a unique perspective into the industry as we have worked through major shifts in how the business work. Our sales teams still have the necessary KPI's needed to run a successful campaign - 90 calls / 8 opportunities a day. We simply listen to valuable social signals so that we target people at the right time... and close more deals. 

Social Selling

Social selling aims to cultivate relationships with target individuals through social media engagement. This allows our sales teams to work more efficiently, increases brand awareness, and increases retention rates - taking the strain off marketing. A competent social sales person can find almost any potential customer and engage with them without obstruction. They can then use social information to understand the customer's needs, what is important to them and when it's best to reach out.  

Lead Generation

Building a professional network has always been a key tool for successful sales people. It is much more effective to start a sales campaign with existing warm leads. Each of our sales people are targeted to source 200 new leads per month, all of which are worked over and passed to the client at the end of the campaign, to approach first at the start of the next campaign. We can also provide pipeline generation for your sponsorship teams.

Data Cleansing & Enhancing

As important as data is, it's value depends completely on just how accurate it actually is. All data has a finite shelf-life as people move into different roles or companies, or update their contact details. As well as sourcing data, our sales teams can work through any existing data that our client's have, updating and adding to it as they do, so that you always have accurate data to work with.   

Content Creation

The ability to engage the right audience with relevant content will set you aside from the competition. First you must listen to valuable social signals given by your target audience. Once you understand what customers are looking for, you will be able to engage with insights and share content based on their interests and priorities. An authentic and relevant message will resonate and drive engagement that lead to business opportunities. The best strategy is to share a mix of credible external content, supplemented with relevant content of your own.  

Community Development

What makes us different from a traditional telemarketing company or call-centre is our experience in real C-level sales. All of our sales specialists have worked in sales and marketing and have acquired the skills to navigate their way through complex company departments, handle gatekeepers, and engage in meaningful conversations with C-suite, Director and VP level decision makers. This gives us the necessary experience needed to deliver complex sales narratives and value propositions to attract and engage even the most senior and protected business leaders.


Sponsorship Delivery Support

Sponsorship sales is difficult as it requires a complete knowledge of the delegate needs so that they can be effectively matched against the vendor solutions. We explore and map the vendor ecosystem for highlighted event streams, getting in touch and introducing them to the brand and event, highlighting the event USPs and the opportunities available to them. We then connect these warm leads directly with your sponsorship salesperson who can follow up and close them on the most suitable sponsorship package. 


Event Data Coordinator

Our project coordinators work with clients to identify their needs and help their teams to effectively manage resources and information. We also assist with scheduling and planning at the event, including workshops, partner meetings, dietary requirements and special customer requests. We can also help with conducting surveys to gain insight or feedback post event which can help our customers to improve their next event. We always ensure that our clients remain GDPR compliant. 

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