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The most successful events have a high repeat rate of customers who return year after year and become true brand advocates.

To achieve this you must deliver an exceptional experience throughout.

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Using real experience to make delegate sales more efficient and better value for money

Maintaining an efficient delegate sales team is challenging.

Recruiting and training the right individuals is time consuming and expensive. Keeping staff motivated and target-driven can be problematic in an industry with high staff turnover.

Stop the 'revolving door' effect

After working in corporate event sales management for ten years, Belgrade Karizma's founding partners realised the need for a sustainable solution that could offer an efficient delegate acquisition campaign at exceptional value.

Experts in delegate sales

Managing a successful delegate sales campaign goes much further than a contact list, phone and a script. The emphasis is now on great communication and community building. Belgrade Karizma's project managers use a combination of channels to target your VIP audience at the right time and keep them engaged as they prepare to attend your event.

Belgrade Karizma is a cost effective resource that can either take full control of the sales, marketing and lead generation for each project, or work as an integrated element of a larger sales team. 

Contact us now to find out how Belgrade Karizma can save 50% on your event delegate sales and marketing campaign.

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Get Real Value For Your Money

We can save you up to 50% on your cost per sales desk - on everything from training & recruitment as well as hardware & utility costs. Our services include full sales strategy, social, email & telemarketing campaign alongside market research and lead generation. It makes sense really.   

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Our employees are fluent in multiple languages to engage effortlessly with clients in new markets, enabling them to represent your brand to the highest possible standard.

Dedicated To Creating Brand Ambassadors 

We aim to give our project managers a broader education about our clients customer ecosystem and issues relevant to each product. We use the latest research into industry trends and hot topics allowing our project managers to engage with your customers to create lasting relationships.

You Remain In Complete Control

We create a structure that makes our clients feel safe. We believe in a close, well-balanced relationship that allows each partner to play a major role in all key decisions.

Experience You Can Trust Your Business With 

We guarantee a professional service based on a wealth of sales management experience gained in events and the media publishing industries. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience for our clients and their customers as we represent your brand.

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