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Our team of omnichannel sales and B2B marketing experts have extensive network building experience and are ready to help you to maximize your brand exposure. 


Increase brand awareness

- Increase brand awareness

- Enhance your reputation 

- Position yourself as a thought-leader

- Highlight your expertise


Acquire higher value leads

- Acquire higher-value leads

- Become the go-to source of expertise 

- Attract potential brand ambassadors

- Leverage mutually beneficial partnerships


Use the right tools & platforms

- Use the right tools & platforms

- Utilize all available tech and channels

- Understand different customer profiles

- Personalize each approach


Maximize sales opportunites

- Maximize sales opportunites 

- Creating value across all touchpoints 

- Driving revenue across multiple channels

- Creating long term revenue





Business Development Specialist

The face of your campaign. Experienced in selling in English, but usually fluent in two or more languages, the business development specialist is responsible for speaking directly to the client. As they often represent the first impression a prospect will have of your brand, they need to not only be knowledgeable about your product in order to spot opportunities, but also possess a natural charisma in order to build rapport. 

Online Sales Specialist

It is vital for any product or brand to have a consistent, uniformed marketing campaign. The online sales specialist is responsible for how your product is presented to the market. From designing and managing email campaigns, to curating content and managing LinkedIn communities, they will make sure that your product always looks its best and attracts the most attention. 


Responsible for exploring and mapping the client's ecosystem in order to provide usable information for the team. They also research multi-channel contact details for potential prospects so that the sales and marketing campaigns work as efficiently as possible.  We ensure that all data is managed correctly to ensure we remain GDPR compliant.

Account Director

The account director is responsible for overseeing the entire project and will act as your main point of contact. They will record and feedback all project information in a concise, usable manner as well as reporting all progress. They will organize regular team-meetings to discuss the ongoing campaign, pass on relevant information, and implement potential improvements. 


Saas team fx_edited.jpg

SaaS companies that want to avoid the cost and management overheads of a full time business development team.

Making a product fx.png

Tech founders and startups that lack the time to create and deliver a sales strategy from scratch.

Deal fx.png

Companies or brands launching or testing a new market or product.

MAps fx.png

Companies or brands looking to establish a presence in a new geographical region.

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